As a Registered Investment Advisory Firm, we are held and have always been held to a fiduciary standard, which we embrace. We always act in your best interests. We are a fee-based firm, meaning we have no products to sell you and we do not receive commissions of any kind.

For nearly 30 years, our owners have been guiding people to and through a successful retirement. It’s what we do and we do this really well.

Together we’re goal focused. We tune out the daily noise of the financial media, who do not know or really care about your personal goals or successes.We steer clear of outside influences, media pundits, fund raters, and performance chasers.We’re tough-minded and independent.

When you work with Adirondack Capital Advisors, you’ll notice our focus, talent, and client-centered approach.  You’ll benefit from this focus. You’ll never hear of some miracle product or stock pick from us. Our only interest is your interests. Your success. Your clarity.

As you’ll see, we focus on goals-setting, measuring progress toward achieving, and ultimately achieving them.

Our clients are our friends and our relationships are built on a foundation mutual trust. We help you answer the following question 

"Do you know exactly how much money you'll need to retire comfortably and live comfortably while retired?"

How do we arrive at this point? Through a series of conversations that act as a mutual interview. Ultimately, we will answer that question and create a plan.

We live in a real world things change and plans need to adjust, we look forward to being your guide for the next several decades.

Call us anytime to stop by for a chat and a coffee.