As an employer, providing a quality retirement plan to your employees doesn’t need to be an administrative hassle or complicated and disruptive process.Let the Adirondack Capital team provide you and your employees with the industry’s most comprehensive retirement plan management and participant support services.

A single point of contact for all plan related service issues

Simplicity and consistency through centralized communication

All administration and routine processing for each plan (required annual filings, documents, testing, and participant communications)

A clear, concise identification of our fiduciary responsibility

  • Development of Investment Policy Statement
  • Review of existing funds for appropriateness and compliance with IPS
  • Identify funds for continuation/removal from current plan alternatives
  • Develop replacements/enhancements including:
  • Asset class analysis (Commodity funds? Specialty funds? Why or why not?)
  • Individual funds (index and managed)
  • Target date funds
  • Model portfolios (including index and managed alternatives)
  • Ongoing monitoring and regular reporting